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Provence Photo Shoots by Season

The olive trees (maybe my favourite!) and hilltop towns are beautiful year-round in Provence. However, there’s a few seasonal flowers/crops that you may want to have as a backdrop for your photoshoot. All of these may depend on the weather but this is a general guide to some of the flowers of Provence.

Almond Blossom – February

Orchards of almond blossom are absolutely stunning. The apricot blossom, a more pink rather then purple blossom, happens right afterwards.

Cherry Blossom – March

Orchards of cherry trees with white blossoms are a beautiful backdrop during early spring.

Wisteria – April

Wisteria is stunning and smells it too. It can be tricky as a backdrop as it tends to climb high but there are a few vines that would be lovely backdrops that I have in mind.

Poppies – May

Fields of red poppies are stunning. These wildflowers can be found all over Provence in May.

Lavender – late June, July

You best bet for lavender is to be here anytime from the last week of June to the second week in July. See my article about the lavender season and where to find lavender in Provence. 

Sunflowers – July

Sunflowers are a crop that change fields each year. However, you’ll often find them around Arles in early July.